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Bloom offers their customers high quality silk flower and gift ideas such as vases, candles and tableware via mail order. Professional and upmarket homeowners, aged 50+ with incomes of £35,000+. Predominantly female buyers who spend £62 on average.


As Bloom has become a consistent performer for many mail order and charity mailers, Scotts & Co have produced a ‘lookalike’ file modelled on the matching the profile of the Bloom customer across their extensive database.


The Book People have built a large database which can be split into smaller more specific categories based on book buying habbits. 80% Females who are regular mail order buyers and earn in the region of £20,000+.


Comprised of only premium multibuyers who have bought from across Scotts & Co's many brands. All order values under £100 have been removed, customers spend on average £365 and with the recency being only 0-18months this file is full of fresh affluent mail order enthusiasts


MASTERFILE - Buyers of Charles Tyrwhitt quality tailored shirts and apparel for men and women. 70% Males aged between 30-54. ABC1 with incomes in the region of £30,000+..


  MALES - Discerning buyers of a wide range of Charles Tyrwhitt mens fashion items including suits, ties and shoes. Customers are aged between 30-54, regular credit card users who own homes. Customers are sourced via catalogue, internet and insert offers.


FEMALES - Buyers of a range of Charles Tyrwhitt women's apparel & accessories including, suits, coats & eloquent cufflinks. 55% Females aged between 30-54. ABC1's who are frequent credit card users.


Classic fashions for females aged 55+, many being multibuyers. Recruited via direct mail, inserts & O-T-P advertising with AOV £90.00. Loyal to direct mail offers.


  Buyers of a wide range of top quality cashmere garments. Specialise in men and women's clothing and also include knitwear and accessories. Customers are upmarket and affluent. Predominantly ABC1 females who spend an average of £150.


Buyers across the Scotts & Co brand who have purchased travel goods from one or more of the catalogue brands. Regular travellers who have an active and affluent lifestyle. Predominantly professional females aged 50+ who spend an average of £60.


Former Harrods Clothing designer Eric Hill has created his own line of high end fashion for the mature woman. Customers are highly affluent with disposable incomes and high credit usage. Affluent homeowners, who are upmarket fashion conscious and readers of broadsheets. 98% Females and earn in excess of £40,000+.


Buyers of fashion from across the Scott's & Co Group brands. Available for the first time are Prelude fashion buyers. These multi-brand multibuyers are well educated, web savvy, high earning professionals, aged 35+ with an AOV £60+. 79% Females and earn in excess of £30,000+.


Buyers of classic games and toys from the vast collection across various titles owned by Scotts & Co. Products include board games and puzzles suitable for both adults and children. Customers are upmarket and affluent earning £35,000+. Predominantly females, aged 45+ who spend an average of £60.  



Buyers of food, wine and upmarket dining essentials from across the various Scotts & Co titles. Affluent customers who have also bought quality cutlery sets, stylish wine glasses and who are generally looking for the finer things in life. Professionals aged 40+ with incomes of £40,000+ who spend £65 on average.  



Customers that look for fine quality clothing at excellent value, predominately females aged over 55 years. AOV £90.00. Part of the same Group as Country Collection.  



Mail order buyers of quality travel clothing and accessories. Affluent buyers aged 40+ being well educated and well travelled. Incomes in the region of £30,000+.  


Buyers within the Scotts & Co Group with profile and buying activity matches to Magellan's customers, enabling mailers to successfully extend to Magellan's UK consistent response.



100% mail order buyers of hard-to-find gifts and accessories for men. Affluent and discerning males aged 50+ with a high percentage of multibuyers. Incomes in the region of £20,000+ and interests in music, gardening, charities and health.  



Buyers of high quality ladies wear such as cashmere goods, shoes and accessories. Customers are recruited via direct mail, reader offers within quality UK press and the Peter Hahn website. Predominantly affluent females aged 50+ who spend over £200 on average per order.  



Customers are affluent and upmarket buyers of everything related to their pet from leads and treat for their cats and dogs, through to gift and home furnishing ideas depicting animal themes. Aged 50+, these buyers have incomes of £35,000+ and spend £60 on average.  



Green fingered gardeners who have purchased greenhouses or various accessories for the greenhouse. Customers are keen gardeners, typically homeowners aged 50+ years.  



Mail order buyers of quality products for the family dog, Products include beds, throws, grooming aids, leads, collars etc. Affluent homeowners aged 45+ years.  




Buyers of a range of unique, durable clothes, accessories and more recently, cosmetics that can not be found in high street stores. Products offer a simplistic and elegant style using high quality natural fibres. Predominantly professional and upmarket females, aged 40+ who spend £220 on average.  






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